Certified quality

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Certified quality

Certified Quality

Le Groupe Bell-Horizon was one of the few companies in Québec to structure its provision of services according to a certified standard with the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) in 2007. Even though the rigorous procedures are still in place, the standard stopped being audited in 2015 for lack of implicated operatives.


Strongly fond of those respectful practices for our clients, that standard still continues to be followed by all Bell-Horizon personnel.


Improvements have been put in place to innovate with a constant will of satisfaction and transparency.


As ISO services standard was reassessed in 2015, our team started a certification process with ISO. All our equipments are compliant with our norms and inspected by a quality controller to ensure the consistency and presence of all comfort elements of our three coaches’ categories.


The trainings of our team of drivers is also a top priority.


Ask about our ISO program at: normes.qualite@bell-horizon.com


Notion of quality must be accompanied by a promise held. It’s that high standard thoughtfulness guarantee that you will find with us.