Looking for a career?

Our team: the key to success

Looking for a career?

Whether traveling along the roads with you, organizing your transportation or maintaining our vehicles, our staff is at the heart of the adventure you share with Le Groupe Bell-Horizon.

That's why we make it our duty to select the members of our team with the utmost care, so that you are always happy and satisfied to travel with us. In addition, we offer our employees a working environment that fosters their development and self-realisation. The drivers of Le Groupe Bell-Horizon are respectfully supervised and must respond to carefully devised profiles, including courtesy and safety.

Moreover, they are all trained by experts in the following fields:

  • Customer service
  • Defensive driving and energy management
  • Transportation Acts and Regulations
  • First Aid

Other staff members also receive ongoing training based on a regular evaluation of their needs and the realization of their full potential.

Because we know that the strength of a team depends on communication and the willingness of people to work together to achieve goals, we have formed internal committees that disseminate our values ​​and our mission to all staff members and that allow for the sharing of ideas and the continuous improvement of our ways of doing things.

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