The Essential

56 passengers

The Essential

The majority of Bell-Horizon's fleet is composed of luxury motor coaches with a 56-passenger capacity. The Essential meets the needs of all groups of customers and offers superior comfort thanks to high tech additions. It provides high value for all types of group travel.

Optional basic Internet access.

Reliable audio-video system with updated technology offering 5 flat screens, plus a DVD/CD player.

Front-mounted scenic view camera for interior on-screen display (highly appreciated during sightseeing tours).

GPS tracking system and performance indicators for safe driving.

Two removable fold-down tables that can quickly be installed upon request.

Restroom, air conditioning, individual LED reading light, tour guide microphone.

Panoramic windows. Interior and exterior luggage compartments.

Comfortable reclining seats equipped with headrests, adjustable armrests and retractable footrests.

All seats are equipped with a brochure holder, a cup holder and a standard electrical outlet for small electronic devices such as cell phone chargers, tablets or laptop computers.